6 Condo Interior Design Styles To Avoid In 2020

Editor: Cheyenne Hollis
Dot Property Blog – Lifestyle – March 2020

Buying a new condo unit this year? Or maybe you are revamping your current residence. Well, the start of a new decade has brought with it a host of new condo interior design styles. That also means all those trends that had been popular are now on the way out. Here are a few of the condo interior design styles you want to steer clear of this year. Avoid these condo interior design styles in 2020. 1) Shades of gray Grey was the color of choice at many condominium developments across Asia during the past five years. Minimalist designs were complemented by gray-on-gray color palettes that remain fine but are no longer stylish. A little gray is okay in your condo, but don’t overdo it. 2) Industrial space Of all the condo interior design styles to avoid, the industrial look just may be the most difficult to leave behind. Exposed walls and bare-bones aesthetics can be found all around, from condos to coffee shops. But they also lack life and the trend is on the downswing. 3) Formal look The formal look is a byproduct of the luxury property craze that sprang up throughout Southeast Asia in the 2010s. In order to prove their condo was luxurious, designers created overly formal and stiff-looking spaces that conveyed a sense of value. However, they also felt as sterile as industrial-inspired designs but for entirely different reasons. These days it is important to balance the structure that formal interior designs bring with touches that show off your personality. 4) Total IKEAThere is nothing wrong with IKEA furniture, and it can be a cost-effective way to decorate. That being said, don’t go overboard and outfit your condo to look like an IKEA show unit. One alternative is to mix and match IKEA furnishings with smaller pieces you find elsewhere that match. This can save some cash and look great. 5) Look before the function that a semicircle-shaped couch may look stylish. It is also a tough fit in most condos. don’t bother with any interior design that places visual appeal above function in 2020. The goal should be to maximize the space you have to maintain liveability. 6) Art without meaningCondo interior design styles have been dominated by art pieces that appear fashionable, but aren’t connected to the person living there. A large photo of New York City looks cool, but if you haven’t been and don’t want to go, why put it up in the first place? Especially since just about everyone else already has the same picture in their condo. Look for art that is unique to you and use that when designing your condo. It doesn’t have to have some deep meaning that connects to all facets of your life. It should, however, be something you can have a conversation about.

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