Are you struggling to get access to the best projects?
Would you like to receive up to 100% of the commission?
Do you want access to a state of the art office? Are you ready to maximise your potential?


Sellorate was created to give agents more control over their real estate business.

We believe in empowering our agents by giving them the latest technology and tools to be successful.

Key Benefits

Access the Best Projects

Search through hundreds of projects online

Highest Comm in the Industry

Available for agencies and freelancers

Faster Payment Processing

Commission paid to you in record time

Latest Digital Tools

Present your client with the latest technology

Maximize Productivity

Streamline your workflow and close more sales



See why Sellorate is the fastest growing agent network in the world

Sellorate's 4 Easy Steps to Success

1. Search

Find new stock in seconds

Sellorate is revolutionizing the stock sourcing process for agents.
Instead of having to travel around meeting developers, you can instantly search on our platform based on size, price, location, and other parameters easily and conveniently.
Find the right project for your client         

2. Sign

From months to minutes

Instead of having to travel around meeting developers, you can instantly search on our platform based on size, price, location, and other parameters easily and conveniently.
This allows you to spend more time with your client and less time chasing paperwork
Start selling straight away

3. Sell

Maximise your sales potential

Sellorate’s platform contains all the project information, brochures, pricing, and digital tools you need, all in one place.
We can also you with site visits and property tours if you’re new to the area. 
Find the right project for your client

4. Submit

Get paid fast

Sellorate supports our agents with the after sales administration.
We work directly with the developer to ensure invoices are paid as quickly as possible.
Save time | Save money

See our additional services we offer
agents to maximize their potential

Social Media Management

Let us take care of your posts

Social media is so critical to engaging with potential clients, but making posts is so time consuming and for many not their favorite job. 
Let Sellorate’s real estate marketing experts create your content for you, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
Find the right project for your client      

360 Virtual Tour

See units like you are really there

With travel becoming more and more difficult, agents need to utilize remote viewing tools for their international clients and to minimize their own travel time and costs. 
Sellorate are leading experts in 360 Virtual Tour technology and can scan for you.
Show your clients your unit in remarkable detail

Property Tours

Let us plan your next trip

Many clients still like to visit the project in person and for agents that are not based in Bangkok, this can be difficult to organize. 
Sellorate are experts in planning property tours and can support you while your clients view projects.
Find the right project for your client       

Knowledge Center

Industry news in one place

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the market can be time consuming and requires you to visit multiple sites. 
Sellorate organizes all the industry news into the knowledge center on our website, and also regularly sends an updated newsletter direct to your inbox.
Start selling straight away

Sellorate partners are now your partners


We’re really good at numbers

Nobody likes managing their accounts, but it’s a necessary part of any successful agent’s business.  
Sellorate has partnered with one of the leading accounting firms in Bangkok and negotiated a discounted price for our agents.
We’ll handle the bookkeeping               

Interior Design

Design | Decorate | Deliver

Sellorate has joined with Thailand’s leading interior design company who have over 300 licensed designers.  From entry level packages to tailor made luxury, they service every budget. 
Simply refer your client and receive up to 10% commission. 
Give your client the best

Visa Services

Our lawyer is your lawyer

International investors sometimes want to live in Thailand, and require visas and work permits. 

Sellorate has partnered with leading legal firms to offer turn key solutions to your clients visas needs.  Simply refer to your client and receive up to 10% commission. 
Immigration services for your client

Here what other agent's have to say...

Still have questions?
We've got you covered
I’m new to real estate, can Sellorate help me?
Certainly, most of our agents are freelance and have varying levels of experience in the industry.  Sellorate was built to empower agents and agencies of all levels to become more successful.  Our agent managers can meet you at the project with your client to assist with the sale, and we are always happy to answer any questions.  In the future, Sellorate plans to offer educational training programs for our agents.
Do you need to have a real estate license to be a Sellorate agent?
This will depend on the nationality of the agent as each country has different requirements.  For example, in Thailand you do not need a license to become a Sellorate agent.  Please inquire with our customer service team for more details.
How long does it take before I can start selling with Sellorate?
After you complete our registration form, our agent manager will be in contact with you within 24 hours.  If you are approved, then your account will be activated and you can start immediately.
What is the difference between a freelance and agency agent?
This depends on the country you are in, but generally speaking, a freelancer has no registered business whereas an agency does.
Who pays commission when I close a sale?
Sellorate is a digital brokerage and has a strong relationship with developers.  When you make a sale, Sellorate prepares all of the documentation and invoices the developer on your behalf.  Then when Sellorate receives the commission, we pay you immediately.  
Does Sellorate markup the selling price of the unit?
No, the price list is updated directly from the developers.  Sellorate does not add any additional charges to the market price.
How can Sellorate pay such high commissions?
Sellorate is built to empower agents and maximize their profits.  We do this by avoiding middle management and expensive overheads while focusing on a digital and scalable business model.  Our goal is to grow the largest agent network in the world which allows Sellorate to obtain the best projects, exclusive units, and the highest commission possible.

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