Looking for support with your accounting needs? Want a simpler solution for your invoicing workflow?


For agents, navigating local tax can be potentially be complex and time consuming, and can be a stressful process.

Sellorate has partnered with one of Bangkok’s leading accounting companies to assist you with all your accounting needs. 

We work closely together, and can streamline services like invoicing, which in-turn frees up more time for you, allowing you to focus on growing your real estate business.

Key Benefits



Over 20+ years of  experience with Thai businesses



Licensed CPAs who understand local regulations

Latest Software

Have a real time view of your business health



Industry experts who work with overseas clients



Ensuring all documents are filed appropriately 

How it Works

1. Connect with Us

We’ll work with your schedule

Inquire now and we will arrange your meeting with our accounting partner to better understand your needs. 
They will ensure all your financial documents are in order.
Setup your consultation now             

2. Gather all Relevant Documents

Don’t worry, we can help

Our accounting partners will gather all the required information from you to get your finances back in shape and to prepare your yearly statements.
They will also answer any tax questions you may have.
Talk with leading experts

3. Prepare for Year End

We’ll stay on top of it

Once we receive all relevant documents, they will follow up with you with any additional requirements.
They will file all relevant paperwork in an orderly and timely fashion to ensure we meet all deadlines.
Tax filing made easy                           

4. Payment and Invoices

A low cost solution

Our accounting partner will save on the costs of hiring a full-time finance professional while still receiving the benefits of a fully qualified expert.
We provide you the best solution at a reduced fee.
Clearly understand your costs

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