Bangkok ranks 7th as the world’s most connected city with China

According to JLL, Chinese businesses are now expanding their global footprint through targeting emerging markets, acquiring overseas firms and making strategic investments in new technologies. Bangkok is the 10th most popular destination for mainland firms expanding overseas, and ranks 3rd in terms of the volume of Chinese corporate leasing activity over the last 3 years.

Referring to China 12: ‘China’s Cities Go Global’, a report from JLL, this research studies about a dozen mainland cities and their transformation into major hubs of innovation and global interaction.

“The China 12 are home to a growing group of highly dynamic and ambitious new generation firms that will drive the next wave of globalisation,”

says Jeremy Kelly, Director of Global Research, JLL.

As you can see from the table of the most connected cities, Asia takes up almost half of it. Singapore ranks as the most connected city with China, and it is clear why they are number one as they are the gateway to Southeast Asia and a thriving financial hub. These two key factors make it one of the most interesting countries to invest in for the Chinese.

On this list of the most established and famous cities from around the world, Bangkok currently ranks 7th, just behind London. Bangkok was named the most popular city for international tourists in 2017, with Chinese travelers being the most popular visiting nation.

This interest from China doesn’t only affect tourism, it expands to other industries too, in particular the real estate market. This is also fueled by the continued successful expansion of the mass transit system, another example of Chinese investment into Thailand, which is dramatically increasing land prices.

So combining all the factors, we can foresee that Bangkok’s economy has a bright future ahead.

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