Phuket – Thailand

The Good, The Bad, and the Returns of Phuket Condotel Investment

Date of article: Q1 2019 Phuket condotel investment has taken off during the past few years. With more tourists flocking to the island, a record number of people visited Phuket in both 2016and 2017, hotel occupancy has risen significantly. Research from the Thai Hotels Association(THA) found hotel occupancy rates on the island rose to75 percent in 2017, an increase of almost 12 percent from 2016. that...

A Dreamy Destination: Bang Tao Beach

Date of article: Q1 2019 You’ve probably seen pictures of Bang Tao Beach even if you didn’t know its name until now. Located along Phuket’s western-edge, the picturesque Bang Tao Beach is a five-kilo metre stretch of unspoilt white sands and turquoise waters. Also known as Laguna Beach, the area is popular for its low-key lifestyle and central location. You could spend all day at the beach, but...

Phuket’s Best Residential and Investment Villa

Date of article: Q1 2019 When people think of Phuket, they definitely think about a relaxing vacation and basking in the joy of the island’s sunny days. A place where they can enjoy activities on white sandy beaches, celebrate their events, share fantastic moments and cap off these wonderful times with dinner as the sun sets. Our inspiration with Anchan Hills is to create homes that fulfil this...

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