Want to see your project data in real time?
Need to understand what is happeing for all your projects?
Want to share progress with your team 24/7?
Looking to make data driven decissions to grow your market?

Developer Digital Dashboards

Understanding what is happening for the marketing and sales workflow of your projects can be difficult to understand. Data is often difficult to find, not live, and difficult to visualize, which makes making updating team members and making decisions difficult.

Sellorate can simplify your data solutions by providing a live dashboards that provides you with all relevant information important about your projects in one, easy to understand place.

Key Features

Agent Marketing

See how many agents are engaged 

Lead and Sales

What is the current lead value and sales status

See Data


Access data in real time and easy to understand

Data Decisions

Make important decisions with the facts, not a guess

Increase Efficiency

Stop chasing for data, and have access 24/7


Data Analytics

Track virtually anything

From leads and site visits to sales data and Google Analytics, you can track all the important information you need.
You can even create a custom data source based on your own perimeters.
Start monitoring your leads easier   

Agent Marketing

See the engagement

Understanding how many agents are engaged in your project is critical to maximising sales.   
Track engagement of your Sellorate social media posts, EDM’s, Line, WeChat, Website visits etc
See information in a whole new way

Lead Management

Keep your teams informed

We track all leads for your projects like information requests, pricing enquiries and site visits. 
We display this in live data so you can see exactly the amount of potential deals in the pipe line, and also understand the reason for clients not buying.
Track your lead progress                    

Sales & Support

Improve your after-sales

Updates about the after-sales workflow have never been easier with an overview of the current status easily accessible for your team to keep up-to-date on your projects.
Maximise the efficiency of your team by sharing data live. 

Create new efficiencies for your organization

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