How long can we reserve a room when there is a potential customer?

After booking you will receive an email confirmation indicated how long the room will be reserved for your customer.

What documents are needed from agents?

The documents needed from agents will be listed on marketing agreements.

Can a customer pay using credit card? If yes, will there be any fees?

Yes. Generally, there is no fees but that’s different for each developer.

If there is no sales gallery, how do customers pay?

The customer can pay directly to the developer at their office or another sale gallery, Sellorate will be offering the direct payment through the platform in the future.

What is the currency used for depositing and booking?

For Thailand, all funds transferred by a foreign buyer must be transferred in foreign currency.

Does the digital signature effective?

Yes, and it’s legally recognized in Thailand and many other countries such as the United States, Switzerland, the countries of the European Union, etc.

What charges are there for bank transfer?

It’s different for international and local sales. For an international transfer, the fee is approximately 1,500 THB and for a local transfer, the fee is very low.

Are the rooms on the platform have any drawbacks?

Normally, when Sellorate gets allocations from developer, we will get the whole floor which means that we get all the units on that floor. The longer the project is on our platform, the fewer choices of units you can choose from. Some units might be considered less desirable due to the location on the floor, room layout or view from the unit. However, these factors are compensated in the price which sometimes, makes these units more desirable.

Does Sellorate increase the selling price from the market price?

No, The price list is updated directly from the developers, we don’t add any additional charges to the market price.

Why is the Sellorate starting price different to developer starting price?

The Sellorate starting price is the lowest price unit we have been allocated from developer. This is usually on a mid-level floor in the building, the developer starting price is the cheapest unit in the whole building which is usually near the ground floor.

If a customer is interested in multiple units is discount negotiable?

In an instant when a customer wants to buy multiple units, Sellorate can approach the developer to negotiate.

Do we have any specific qualifications for agents?

Depends on the nationality of an agent as it’s different from one country to the others in terms of documents required to be a real estate agent.

What does a developer need from agents?

Name, address, contact details, and a real estate license (if needed).

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