How To Choose The Right Interior Designer?

Editor: Cheyenne Hollis
Pages 22, Dot Property Magazine ISSUE 024 Q3 2018

It will take time, patience, and trust if you are going to choose the right interior designer. There is plenty of fish in the interior designer sea, but, much like dating, it can be hard to find that perfect match. For starters, you never want to hire the first designer you interview. This is a common mistake a lot of first-timers make. They get on well enough with the first person they speak to, don’t bother reaching out to any other designers, and end up frustrated because the person they picked isn’t as good as advertised. don’t let this happen to you. We have put together a few tips to ensure you choose the right interior designer. TIPS TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT INTERIOR DESIGNER Ask your friend’s internet is full of interior designer reviews, but do you want to base your decision solely on the opinion of strangers? If you have friends who have moved into a new home recently, why not ask if they worked with an interior designer? They can provide solid recommendations that will be the ideal starting place for your search. Rigorous interview you’re going to choose the right interior designer, you need to ask them tough questions. Before the interview, be sure to obtain a copy of the designer’s portfolio and question them on why they did specific things. Additionally, detail how you envision the space and see what they say. Do they offer feedback on how it can be improved or do they simply agree with everything you say? These insights will allow you to understand their working process as well as how committed they are to the job. Match game you and the designer should have chemistry so that working together will be a breeze. Before hiring an interior designer you need to determine if you two are a good fit. Does the designer’s working style mesh with your expectations? Will they ask for your feedback before doing something or do they ignore you and proceed? Make sure the compatibility is there before hiring a designer. Budget buddyThe best interior designers are not cheap, but good ones will find ways to maximize your budget. In order to choose the right interior designer, you need to present them with a budget and see how they plan to work with it. If they come back to you complaining that it isn’t enough, you may run into issues throughout the process. However, if they come up with a plan aimed at keeping costs within your price range you can feel confident that they really want what’s best.

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