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Editor: Cheyenne Hollis
Dot Property Blog April 2020

This is the third article in a series that will grant you a sneak peek inside some of the most luxurious residences around the world. Today we visit Ho Chi Minh City to learn more about the award-winning Sunshine City Saigon. Demand for luxury apartments in Vietnam has been strong during the past few years. Developers eager to tap into this market have been challenging themselves to craft residences that cater to the needs of the modern resident. A lot of this activity has come in Ho Chi Minh City and upscale real estate here is more advanced than many people realize. However, a luxury property in Vietnam was forever changed when Sunshine Homes – A Member of the Sunshine Group – launched Sunshine City Saigon. The developer worked diligently on the project to ensure it surpasses all expectations. From gold-plated interiors to cutting-edge technology and a dedicated mobile app, the condominium allows residents to enjoy the best life has to offer. It elevated the entire Ho Chi Minh City luxury property market. For starters, Sunshine City Saigon has been planned like a miniature smart city with resort-style amenities providing those living here with a fresh living experience in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. You will find a multi-purpose sports area, park, inter-city promenade, infinity pool, library, spa, schools, and children’s play area at Sunshine City Saigon along with an upscale retail area filled with shopping and dining options. The entire development, from common areas to units, are part of the Smart Living 4.0 ecosystem that improve day-to-day life. Residents can remotely control electrical devices, lighting equipment, and curtains in their homes. This newly developed technology allows for unmatched security throughout Sunshine City Saigon. The project even has a Smart Parking system that locates and reserves a parking space before you arrive. Going inside the luxurious units, each one has been fitted with high-class, imported materials. Bathrooms feature Kohler products while Euro window windows provide unmatched noise proofing. Progetto Lusso, a leading association of craft furniture manufacturers from Italy, has been selected to provide and consult apartment interior design packages according to each client’s unique needs. The architecture of Sunshine City Saigon takes inspiration from the European neoclassical style. In order to enhance these features, a neutral color palette has been utilized. That adds an aesthetically pleasing appearance that ties everything together. Sunshine City Saigon also has a luxurious location near the Ca Cam River. The location is inspired by the most prosperous cities in the world, such as Monaco, Paris, or London which all line bodies of water. The developer has also incorporated a green living environment that flows from the nearby surroundings to the development and feels both tranquil and exclusive. Featuring a stunning array of modern luxuries, the Sunshine City Saigon project was recognized for its contribution to the Ho Chi Minh upscale residential sector. The project won Best Luxury Condo Development Vietnam at the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2019, cementing its status as one of the world’s ultimate luxury residences.

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