Innovative Solutions With Traditional Approach, The New Way To Invest In UK Property

Editor: Cheyenne Hollis
Pages 46, Dot Property Magazine ISSUE 027 Q2 2019

UK real estate investment is hardly a new trend. However, many investors in Asia opt for traditional, buy-to-let options. These are lucrative, but not hands-off options. Knight Wood Assetstakes an innovative approach to UK real estate investment by empowering clients with a diverse range of hassle-free solutions.“Whilst owning a traditional buy-to-let property is a large part of our business and a great way to make money, it is not for everyone. Being a traditional-style landlord comes with responsibilities, so we focus more on truly hands-off property investments,” James Shepherd, CEO of Knight Wood Assets, says.“This could be done with one of our assured rental guarantee programs or a property bond where you are loaning money to an experienced property developer for a fixed time period and fixed interest rate, as opposed to physically buying a property.”But property bonds are just one of several UK real estate investment solutions Knight Wood Assetsprovides. With a deep knowledge of the UK property market, the firm offers access to investments that may otherwise be unavailable to the individual investor.“At Knight Wood Assets we pride ourselves in offering clients multiple ways to invest in and take advantage of the buoyant UK property market. Whether trying to achieve income for retirement or capital growth to build up savings have various options for investors with buy-to-let, property bonds, and alternative property investments,” Shepherd explains.“We are also a market leader in UK Care Home investment provision, this gives normal retail investors access to lucrative care home property investing which previously was only available to large corporations.” Doing business the right wayKnight Wood Assets has worked hard to build its reputation, track record, and experience over the years. In Asia, the company has hosted events in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia while cultivating an extensive network of agents and clients throughout southeast Asia.The international reach of the company is natural given the demand for UK real estate in Asia. However, the vast distances haven’t prevented Knight WoodAssets from taking a more traditional approach to business. “Despite having an international client base, we do not let this stop us from doing the majority of our business face-to-face. It is the best way to do business and the best way to understand what the client is looking for, along with withbuilding trust. Getting to travel the world and meet new people is also a rewarding part of the job,” Shepherd details. This approach to business allowed the firm to grow organically on the back of another very traditional method, word-of-mouth referrals. “When clients make money from property investing, naturally they want to tell their friends and family and share the experience with them. We offer our clients a referral fee if they wish to support us in this way so that the relationship is mutually beneficial and a way for clients to further profit from our investment opportunities,” Shepherd notes. “Our successful referral program is something that our clients choose to take advantage of. ”What would a Knight Wood Assets’ client tell you about the company? It would most likely touch on the fact Knight Wood Assets delivered exactly what they said they would. That’s because, as Shepherd points out, the firm has a 100percent success record in doing just that. For more information, please visit:www.knightwoodassets.com

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