Do you dream of owning a beautiful pool villa for your family holidays?
But the villa you want is out of your price range…
and you don't want the headache of worrying about property maintenance... Then fractional ownership could be right for you...

Fractionalization for Investors

Fractional ownership gives a new opportunity for investors by dividing the share of the property among a
small group of people, allowing you to reduce the cost required to purchase the villa and share the maintenance costs.


Your villa and the company that owns it, will be fully maintained by a property management company
 and each year the shareholders will contribute to the expenses in maintaining the villa. 


The shareholders can then stay at the villa on a pro-rata basis. Should the shareholder not wish to stay at
the villa, the property maintenance company will rent the villa and the rental income will go back into the company.

Key Benefits

Fractional Ownership

Own a share of an amazing luxury pool villa

Vacation in Style

Stay at your villa every year for amazing family holidays

Fully Managed

Don’t worry about the maintenance of your villa

Concierge Service

Villa ownership like you’re staying at a 5-star resort

Flexible Exit

Selling shares is simpler than traditional ownership

Sellorate's 5 Easy Steps to Success

1. Interested

Want to find out more…

Let’s have a chat

Below, we have put together an in-depth deck for you to review with all the frequently asked questions and example investment figures. 

Once you have read through this, the Sellorate team are happy to help answer any further questions you might have about this opportunity and the villas we currently have open for investment.

2. Select

Find the villa that is right for you

We will help you choose

Sellorate completes in-depth market intelligence research on the location and uses it vast
property database (over 30,000 properties) to find the best investments for you.

We then do a thorough survey of the property, and the company that owns it to ensure everything is in good health.

We will then complete a 360 virtual tour so you can walk around the villa as if you are there.
You will also be able to see the different reports to learn about this location.

We can talk you through the different options available on a call, or via one of our seminars.

3. Reservation

You want to hold your spot

 Let’s get you ready to view the villa

Once we have completed educational sessions for the villa, we will open it up for reservation of new shareholders.
This will be first come, first served, and there is no cap on the number of shares you wish to reserve. 

There will be a small deposit to be paid at the time of reservation which will be
returned once you have completed your full payment for the shares. 

The next step of completing the share purchase agreement will happen in about
1 months time, giving you the opportunity to visit the villa if you wish.

4. Agreements

You agree to buy a share in the villa

Time to close the investment

Once you are happy to proceed, we will get you to complete two agreements,
which will be via a leading international legal firm.

Firstly is a share purchase agreement with the current owner of the shares. Secondly is
a shareholder agreement of the villa which states what can and cannot happen to the villa. 

After these have been signed, you will transfer your investment directly to the
shareholder and your shares for the villa will be issued to you, and it’s done!

5. Stay

Time to enjoy your villa

Let’s book your vacation

Now you have received your investment, we will take over the management of the villa
and the company and ensure everything is taken care of. 

Each year will be the opportunity to plan when you would like to stay in your villa and the
 maintenance will be calculated pro-rata for your shares and on the season rate. 

Maintenance costs are based on actual costs so we will keep this as low as possible
 to keep the villa in good condition.

Still have questions?

We've got you covered

With our fractional investment, there is low risk of fluctuation and consistent high return

Sellorate offers modern sea-view villas based in Phuket at affordable prices.

how much home can you afford?” With Sellorate fractionalization, you can invest in as many shares as you wish.

 REIT investors own shares in a company that owns real estate. They do not own the underlying real estate directly. The syndicate, i.e. all the investors combined, has direct ownership of a single property.

The pandemic has kick-started a buyer’s market like we have not seen in Thailand in recent years. It’s becoming a good time to rent or buy property in Thailand.

An existing home can be perfect if you are looking for a particular style of property, or enjoy a house search and take inspiration of the current homeowners

The initial capital is 1,000,000 Baht per ownership

Every villa is a great investment. However, the best villa we could offer
is the one that benefits you the most. So lets us help you find the right one.

Investors must pay in cash via bank transfers/ credit card

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