KSK Land Wants To Define The Future Of Luxury Branded Residences In Southeast Asia

Editor: Cheyenne Hollis
Pages 16, Dot Property Magazine ISSUE 027 Q2 2019

Luxury branded residences are big business in Southeast Asia. From Bangkok to Manila, they are everywhere these days. But Malaysian developer KSK Land isn’t content with simply following the trend. The lifestyle home builder believes it can define the future of luxury branded residences in both Malaysia and the entire country with its newest launch at 8Conlay. The branded residences component of Tower B at8 Conlay is also known as YOO8. Six-star hotelier Kempinski has been tabbed to manage the project which will feature interiors designed by Kelly Hoppenin conjunction with prestigious design house YOO. The developer is confident the project will help serve the local market’s increasingly sophisticated demand for branded residences. “Our branded residences are a level above five-star luxury,” Managing Director of KSK Land, JoanneKua, explained in a press release. “For YOO8serviced by Kempinski, we have worked closely and collaboratively with our design partners YOO to disrupt traditional property development in an age of high customer expectation and the on-demand economy.”Backed by respected brands and creating a one-of-a-kind lifestyle for residents in Kuala Lumpur, KSKLand is confident YOO8 will come to define the future of luxury branded residences throughout the region. So, what makes the project so special? Let’s start with the interiors that have been designed to reflect Kelly Hoppen’s two exclusive concepts, Spring and Urban. Hoppen, who has been featured on BBC Two and Channel Five in the UK, utilizes a design style that features clean lines, neutral tones, and a tactile opulence. Residences with the Spring motif feature harmonious design concepts inspired by a luxurious country hideaway. Meanwhile, Urban concept suites appeal to cosmopolitan types who want a feeling of understated glamour. The 498 serviced residences in YOO8 Tower B will span across 56 floors and offer some spectacular views. The newest addition to YOO8 will join Tower A, which was designed by the Hong Kong-based design collective Steve Leung and YOO. KSK Landrecorded brisk sales at its first tower with 75 percent of the 564 units being booked. The retail complex within Tower A is expected to be completed in mid-2020 with the residences likely to be finished a few months after that. Finally, Tower B should be ready in 2021. “8 Conlay is an authentic and financially viable project dedicated to the highest standards of design excellence and the finest traditions of European hospitality in the end-to-end delivery of our customer experience,” Kua added. “This unique project serves as a trailblazer for the positive outlook and appetite for luxury branded serviced residences in Malaysia.”

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