Date of article: Q1 2019

Respected UK-based property consultancy London Heights International has named Dot Property, a LIFULL CONNECT company, as Its principal marketing partner in Thailand. The move is another milestone for London Heights International in the Kingdom after it recently opened a permanent Bangkok office. The agreement will see Dot Property organize a series of events throughout Thailand in 2019 including the first UK property seminars in Phuket and Pattaya designed exclusively for agents. This is in addition to several other marketing opportunities. As Southeast Asia’s leading real estate marketplace, Dot Property is uniquely positioned to assist London Heights International in reaching a bespoke audience of both investors and real estate agents. “Apart from the exceptional service that we receive, Dot Property is already a very successful international service provider who furnished us with the customized platform we essentially required to meet our targeted audience here in Bangkok,” Khan, London Heights International Global Head, Sales & Marketing, explained. “Apart from their own growing strength in Southeast Asia, they have recently joined an expanded global network that has collectively become the largest online real estate aggregator in the world, LIFULL CONNECT.” The next London Heights International event being organized by Dot Property is a UK property seminar exclusively for agents in May in Bangkok. Real estate agents will have a chance to gain a much better understanding of the UK market as well as learn more about the current benefits of representing UK properties. “For starters, we give you valuable information and credible forecasts on the UK property markets, which is followed by a detailed presentation of our carefully structured, affordable yet highly rewarding modes of investments,” Khan stated. “With our vast experience, we are flexible to your needs, which is why dealing with us is sincerely enjoyable. We are also very generous in giving extensive training to local agents and we offer the most attractive commissions to agents as well as the highest returns for investors in this market as a UK developer. We understand the local investors’ needs for diversification and have a wide-ranging portfolio to reflect that. ”London Heights International has a proven track record in Thailand having sold properties in the country for several years. Due to strong demand and positive feedback from existing clients, the company wanted to have a permanent presence in the country. These efforts included the opening of an office and sales gallery in Bangkok as well as reaching an agreement with Dot Property to be its principal marketing partner in Thailand. “We have a 65 percent repeat business in Thailand. Which is why we are based permanently here with a very welcoming sales gallery, to serve everyone better. I believe local property agents should attend our upcoming nationwide agent seminars or look us up right away through Dot Property and this includes real estate investors too. We have the highest yielding yet most secured investment opportunities ranging anywhere from THB1 million toTHB100 million Baht, just book an appointment via Dot Property,” Khan noted. As Southeast Asia’s leading real estate marketplace, Dot Property provides a full suite of marketing tools that will be customized to assist London Heights International’s goals in Thailand. In addition to the UK property seminars, London Heights International and Dot Property will collaborate on several other projects in 2019. These are set to be announced soon. “Dot Property is delighted to be London Heights International’s principal marketing partner in Thailand. This exciting arrangement allows us to leverage our breadth of marketing capabilities and expanded reaches a LIFULL CONNECT company to help London Heights International fulfill its ambitions in Thailand,” Adam Sutcliffe, Director of Events and International Markets at Dot Property, said.

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