Looking At Phuket Property Price Points

Editor: Cheyenne Hollis
Dot Property Blog April 2020

In order to find your ideal island residence, you must first develop a good understanding of Phuket property price points. After all, with everything from luxurious villas selling for upwards of THB 400 million to affordable condo units starting at just THB2 million, there truly is something for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding it. Location, build quality and amenities are the key drivers of Phuket real estate prices. Because land by the beach is more expensive than elsewhere, home prices here are usually more expensive on a per square meter basis. Properties with rental potential may have an additional premium attached to them because it is never difficult to rent a seaside villa or condo. One of the most popular unit types in Phuket is resort-style condos. These appeal to end-users and investors since they require minimal management or marketing. These units can cost anywhere from THB3 million to THB15 million and many come with a guaranteed rental return for a set number of years. The appeal of resort-style condos has more to do with their price than the location or high-yield rental returns. These freehold condos start around THB2 million, which is at the lower end of Phuket property price points. Most of these units are found inland or near Phuket Town. Phuket price points: villas you would expect, villas in Phuket are more expensive than condo units. Starter villas with a private pool can be found for around THB5-8 million while more upscale properties in more exclusive developments fetch upwards of THB10-15 million. The price increases can be quite stark if you view villas in Phuket closer to the beaches. Luxury and superluxury villas offering views of the water start at THB20 million, and prices can go a lot higher. Some upscale villas in Phuket have been sold for USD20 million. Luxury pool villas in Phuket are in high demand from renters, especially during the island’s high season. While there is also a rental market for other villas, there is a greater supply of properties in this segment.

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