Matterport, the newest technology for Sellorate Agents

Hi Sellorate Agents,

Today I’m gonna give a quick review of matterport, one of the technologies sellorate is using now.


  1. A virtual view

Clients do not need to be in that place to get a real feel, just watch matterport video here. Seems like you are in that place already. Why not try it, save time, save money. What else you could ask for.


  1. Item tag

When you happen to see the matterport video, what you see is the blue spot. When you click, the link of this item will show up. For this feature, you can adjust according to your preference. You can put the link to buy this item, or a bigger picture of them.


  1. Laser accuracy

Good picture wins every time! Whoever would watch if the quality of the pictures is not good enough. HDR solves everything here in matterport. Furthermore, Matterport detects every detail since it uses laser, so 99% accuracy confirmed!!


Want to get more deep view of Matterport!

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