Muji Takes On Interior Design In Southeast Asia Starting With Bangkok

Editor: Cheyenne Hollis
Pages 18, Dot Property Magazine ISSUE 023 Q2 2018

Muji shops remain incredibly popular throughout Southeast Asia. From Bangkok to Jakarta and Singapore to Manila, you can’t miss the Japanese lifestyle brand’s outlets in shopping centers. And now the company has made its way into the interior design space after announcing a partnership with Thai developer AP. Muji will oversee the interior design of LifePinklao, a luxury condominium in suburban Bangkok. The 23-story development is located within walking distance of the under-construction Bang Yi Khan MRT station. Not only will Muji oversee the design, but its products will be used in the units to help bring Japanese-style living to Bangkok.”As designers, maximizing every square inch of space, especially in condos, is all-important, and we need to make the best use of it. We plan to use our expertise in space management in combination with Muji, a function expert like no other,” Vittakarn Chandavimol, chief of the business group for condominiums at AP, told the Bangkok Post. He continued, “In addition to the Japanese concept of product strength and simplicity, Muji’s design culture is to pay attention to every step of the design process in order to cater to the lifestyles of modern Thais while making every square inch of space count. “Many of Muji’s products and design principles are focused on conceptual clarity and it will bring this focus to Life Pinklao while also utilizing the compact life concept. Products used in the units will be designed for maximum efficiency and have multiple practical purposes. Another one of the company’s strengths is its use of natural materials and muted colors for products. Muji does this so residents can enjoy a simple, sustainable lifestyle that is adaptable to each individual while still creating memorable interiors. Of course, Muji-inspired condominium designs aren’t limited to Bangkok. In Singapore, a couple spent SGD 60,000 USD 45,400 with Muji principles and products at the heart of its interiors. Meanwhile, the brand is set to open its first hotel in the Chinese city of Shenzhen this year with properties in Beijing and Tokyo scheduledd to welcome guests in 2019. Muji will design each hotel while a third party will handle operations. Back in Bangkok, AP and Muji could continue their partnership in the future should Life Pinklao prove to be a hit with buyers. Itis also possible Muji will seek out similar arrangements with developers in other southeast Asian countries as their minimalist style continues to grow in popularity.

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