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Here’s how we are helping agents

Sellorate’s 5 Easy Steps to Success

1. Register

Welcome to your new industry

Being a real estate agent can be a full time profession or a 2nd revenue stream. Whichever you choose, the skills you learn will serve you for life and can be one of the highest paid occupations in the world.

Simply enter your details and we will contact you to discuss our next training event to get you started.

A new journey starts with the first step

2. Learn

Support every step of the way

We provide all the training you require to start selling.

This includes classroom sessions and online learning covering 7 courses including: An introduction to the real estate industry, mindsets of a good property consultant, Real estate laws and how to sell condominiums. We will also cover workshops covering role playing exercises to help perfect your skills.

Learn from the experts

3. Setup

Prepare for success

Our support team provides you a login to an agent platform with access to all your sales tools.

They also provide other services like online marketing, business cards, co-working space, accounting and legal assistance to ensure you launch your new career the right way.

Start selling the right way

4. Sell

Maximise your sales potential

Once you have found a potential client, we can now support you with the sale.

This support includes answering client questions, assisting you using digital sales tools at the co-working office and on site visits and closing the sale.

Sell smarter, not harder

5. Support

Get paid fast

Once the client has made the booking, we will support with all the aftersales paperwork and administration to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

We can also generate your invoice to make sure your commission is paid as quickly as possible.

Save time | Save money

See our additional services we offer
agents to maximize their potential

Social Media Management

Let us take care of your posts

Social media is so critical to engaging with potential clients, but making posts is so time consuming and for many not their favorite job.

Let our marketing experts create your content for you for as little as 100 baht per post and 7 different channels, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Marketing made easy

360 Virtual Tour

See property like you’re really there

With travel becoming more and more difficult, agents need to utilize remote viewing tools for their international clients and to minimize their own travel time and costs.

Sellorate are leading experts in 360 Virtual Tour technology and can scan for your clients. For every scan you refer, receive 10% of the total scan price.

Show clients your units in remarkable detail

Interior Design

Design | Decorate | Deliver

Sellorate has joined with Thailand’s leading interior design company who have over 300 licensed designers. From entry level packages to tailor made luxury, they service every budget.

Simply refer your client and receive up to 10% commission of the total invoice.

Give your clients the best


We’re really good at numbers

Nobody likes managing their accounts, but it’s a necessary part of any successful agent’s business.

Sellorate has partnered with one of the leading accounting firms in Bangkok and negotiated a an amazing discounted price for our agents.

We’ll handle the bookkeeping

Visa Services

Our lawyer is your lawyer

International investors sometimes want to live in Thailand, and require visas and work permits.

Sellorate has partnered with leading legal firms to offer turn key solutions for your clients visa needs. Simply refer your client and receive up to 10% commission.

Immigration solutions for your client

Knowledge Center

Industry news in one place

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the market can be time consuming and requires you to visit multiple sites.

Sellorate organizes all the industry news into the knowledge center on our website, and also regularly sends an updated newsletter direct to your inbox.

Stay on top of the market

Hear what other agents have to say...

I’ve always been interested in real estate and this program gave me the skills to turn it into my new career. Thank you


I haven’t seen anyone create a platform that offers full training and agent support like this before. Great work.


You have given me fast and reliable support, any time and any project. I am very confident to sell Ananda project now.


Still have questions?

We’ve got you covered

Certainly, most of our agents are freelance and have varying levels of experience in the industry.  This program was built to empower agents of all levels to become more successful.  Apart from full training online and in person, our agent managers can meet you at the project with your client to assist with the sale, and we are always happy to answer any questions.

This will depend on the nationality of the agent as each country has different requirements.  For example, in Thailand you do not need a license to become an agent.

After you complete our initial training seminar, you are approved to start selling. We recommend that you complete our full training first, but before this is done we can support you with any customers you might have.

This depends on the country you are in, but generally speaking, a freelancer has no registered business whereas an agency does.

Sellorate is a digital brokerage and is our partner for this program.  When you make a sale, Sellorate prepares all of the documentation and invoices Ananda on your behalf.  Then when Sellorate receives the commission, they pay you immediately.

This program is built to empower agents and maximize their profits during these difficult times.  We do this by avoiding middle management and expensive overheads while focusing on a digital and scalable training model.

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