Do you own a villa in Phuket and you are looking to sell?
Do you only want to sell only a percentage of your villa?
Want a team to manage the company? And maintain your villa to keep it in great condition?

Fractionalisation for Property Owners

Fractional ownership gives a new opportunity for investors by dividing the share of the property among a small
 group of people, allowing you to reduce the cost required to purchase the villa and share the maintenance costs.

Your villa and the company that owns it, will be fully maintained by a property management
company and each year the shareholders will contribute to the expenses in maintaining the villa.

The shareholders can then stay at the villa on a pro-rata basis. Should the shareholder not wish to stay at the villa,
 the property maintenance company will rent the villa and the rental income will go back into the company.

Key Benefits

Maintain Ownership

Still own a majority of the villa and sell what you need

Continue to Stay

You can stay at your own villa for the period you want

New Shareholders

The new shareholders will buy your shares directly

Owners Only

Your villa will not be rented out to strangers

Fully Managed

We manage and maintain your villa and company

Sellorate's 5 Easy Steps to Success

1. Agree

You agree to fractionalize your villa

Let’s discuss your needs…
We will review your specific requirements, evaluate the condition of the villa
and the yearly maintenance costs, and also appraise the property. 
We will then put this into a financial forecast and agree on the share price,
the maintenance costs and the number of shares you wish to sell. 
When both parties agree, we will sign an exclusive agreement
to market your villa to investors for a set period of time.

2. Marketing

We prepare the marketing material for your villa

Let’s get marketing
The Sellorate team will put together an in depth market intelligence report that will back
up why your villa and Phuket is a great investment. 
We will also produce a sales kit which will include the best virtual tour scan technology, stylized photos
and a professional video to show off your property to the max.

3. Present

We present your villa to private investors via a seminar

 Let’s find your new shareholders

Sellorate has one of the largest agent networks in South East Asia.
We will utilize this network to market your villa to investors. 
We will hold a seminars to educate potential investors where we thoroughly review the
investment and your villa, and help answer any questions or concerns. 
We will then take a refundable holding deposit to secure their investment
into your villa for the interested investors.

4. Contract & Payment

Time to meet your new shareholders

 Let’s close this agreement

After the seminar, the investors will visit the villa, and then sign a share purchase
agreement directly with the owner, and also an updated shareholder agreement. 
Then the investors will transfer the funds directly to the shareholder,
and pay a maintenance fee to the company that owns the villa. 
We will ensure that all the paperwork is completed correctly and the company
accounts are kept in order.

5. Relax

Time to enjoy your villa

Let us take over the management headaches     

Now you have received your investment, we will take over the management of the villa
and the company and ensure everything is taken care of. 

Each year will be the opportunity to plan when you would like to stay in your villa and the
 maintenance will be calculated pro-rata for your shares and on the season rate. 

Maintenance costs are based on actual costs so we will keep this as low as possible
 to keep the villa in good condition.

Still have questions?

We've got you covered

Sellorate are experts in real estate and also has one of the largest agent networks in South East Asia. This allows us to market your villa to the right investors, in a highly professional manner, and successfully close your sale.

Absolutely – we would just adjust the amount of investors/shares that we would be marketing.

Not usually. A the beginning of the year, shareholders will reserve the time they want to stay on, on a pro-rata basis, and pay a maintenance fee for the period of stay, depending on the season. Should a shareholder not wish to stay at the villa, then they do not need to pay the maintenance fee and that vacancy will be rented out, with profit being returned to the company for management and maintenance. At the beginning of each year, the cycle repeats.

This is absolutely fine – As part of the shareholder agreement, you must first offer the shares to the current shareholders first, and if they do not want them, then you can find a purchaser, or we will help you market this through our website.

From the first meeting to the transfer of the shares will take 3 to 4 months, without any unforeseen delays.

Now! This is actually a great time to sell. Many international investors are looking for good investments as an ease on travel restrictions is about to ease.

The commission is in line with what you would normally pay a real estate agent to sell your villa.

For traditional single owner sales, there is a lot of supply in the market and with COVID travel restrictions, sales are very difficult. This is where fractionalization to include more shareholders with a lower investment level makes closing easier.

The best things is to get in contact with one of our advisors and arrange a meeting. We can then discuss your needs and give straight forward advice of whether your villa is suitable for this type of sale.

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