Looking to support customers with their visa when moving to Thailand?
Want access to a professional visa service with years of experience?
Want to support your clients to live in Thailand with peace of mind?

Visa Services

For your buyers, navigating immigration laws can be a stress point when purchasing their property in a different country. 

Sellorate has partnered with one of Thailand’s leading visa service companies, that can assist your buyer with advice on emigrating to Thailand and the process of applying for their visa. Also for every referral you make, you receive 10% of the final invoice to the client. 

Key Benefits



We know how to navigate your client’s visa issues



Attorney’s who understand local regulations

Save Your Buyer Time

Get clear answers and simple advice for your buyer



Experience with many different nationalities 

Commission For You

You get 10% of the final invoice for referring

How it Works

1. Connect with Us

We’ll work with your buyer

Email us with your buyer’s information and we can arrange an appointment to discuss the visa needs of your buyer.
We want to ensure your buyers move to Thailand goes as smoothly for them as possible.
Setup your consultation now             

2. Gather all Relevant Documents

Don’t worry, we can help

Our legal partner will then inform your buyer of the best option, and will inform them of the documents they need to gather.
They will also answer any other questions you or your buyer might have.
Talk with leading experts

3. Prepare for the Move

We’ll stay on top of it

Once they receive all relevant documents, they will follow up with you and your buyer with any additional requirements.
They will then file all relevant paperwork in an orderly and timely fashion to ensure your buyers move to Thailand goes as quickly as possible. 
Relocation made easy                        

4. Payment and Invoices

A low cost solution

By partnering with us, your buyer will save on the costs of hiring their own visa attorney which can be an expensive service.
We aim to provide you the best solution at a reduced fee.
Clearly understand your costs

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