Date of article: Q3 2019 
Mai Khao remains one of Phuke t ’shidden gems. But a new upscale propertydevelopment to be managed by the worldfamousRadisson brand could help introducethe area to a global audience.Thai-Chinese Property Holdings and AplanProperties teamed up to launch RadissonPhuket Mai Khao Beach. Both firms areconfident the project will be popular withinvestors and guests alike.Located north of Phuket International Airport,Mai Khao is home to five-star hotels and hasnumerous attractions. Dr. William Lau, Directorof Thai-Chinese Property Holdings, noted thatthe long beach and green surroundings of MaiKhao make it popular among visitors to Phuketeven if it is not as well known as Patong orother places on the island.“There is no need to deal with traffic whentravelling to Mai Khao from the airport. Sinceit only takes 15 minutes to get to Mai Khao,more visitors are now choosing to stay here”Lau stated. “We are more than confident thatour collaboration with professional businessalliances, such as Aplan and RadissonHotel Group, will surely attract Chinese andSoutheast Asian investors and visitors”The strong hotel brand, reputable developerand freehold ownership all make the RadissonPhuket Mai Khao Beach an attractiveinvestment. Additionally, the ownershipscheme provides investors with a guaranteedyield of six percent during the first three yearswith a revenue sharing model to be introducedafter that. This is predicted to provide a fivepercent net yield annually.“This project can be seen as a trophy assetthanks to the brand and the fact it is one ofonly a few beachfront developments beinglaunched in Phuket at the moment,” MarcianoBirjmohun, Managing Director of DMRDAsia, said. “And, of course, being a buy-toletinvestment helps. There continues to beglobal demand for Thai real estate, but manypeople want a property that is managed forthem. They don’t want to have to take careof it. These buy-to-let opportunities are rarein Thailand, so this is something investorsrespond positively to.”Birjmohun added, “Project sales for RadissonPhuket Mai Khao Beach will launch in HongKong and Macau before moving to India andChina. Radisson is a very well-known brand inboth China and India which helps overcomesome of the challenges facing those marketssuch as the strong baht. Thai investors arealso one of our potential markets as they willbe familiar with the brand and location.”Construction on Radisson Phuket Mai KhaoBeach will start during the first quarter ofnext year with the THB1.6 billion developmentexpected to open in the first quarter of 2023.

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