Property Investment With Passion, Property Investment With Purpose, Property Investment With Pirom At Vineyard

Editor: Cheyenne Hollis
Dot Property Blog March 2020

For some, property investment is strictly a business decision. And that’s okay. However, the next generation of property investors sees it as something more than just a transaction. They look beyond the numbers. Real estate should have a sense of purpose or fulfillment.This wasn’t lost on the team behind Pirom at Vineyard, a magnificent villa estate nestled amongst the hills of Khao Yai. The plot of land has been owned by the Bhirombhakdi family for many generations. Kuhn Piya Bhirombhakdi believed the land, with its spectacular contours and vistas, was a treasure that should be shared with others.The family entrusted Kuhn Buranit YUKtanantana to oversee this vision. Their instructions were simple; don’t focus on cost, focus on creating something truly special. The result was Pirom at Vineyard, a one-of-a-kind residential experience.“Kuhn Piya (the owner of the land) lives here. He knows the soul and spirit of Khao Yai. He understands the passion. He guides us on how we can make the villas at Pirom co-exist with the nature that surrounds us. The plants here are the original plants. We didn’t move the trees or alter the layout. We ensure the villas are an extension of the natural surroundings,” Kuhn Buranit explains. “We spent years getting to know the land before designing the project. The house, the land, the landscape, and everything here is part of Khao Yai. You won’t find it anywhere else.”The spirit of Khao Yai also lives on in the beautifully appointed villas. Each residence features unique décor based upon both local styles and the tastes of the owner while still maintaining a connection with nature.The next phase of Pirom at Vineyard Khun Piya wants all landowners at Pirom at Vineyard to be satisfied from an investment perspective. But he also wants owners to feel passion regardless of why they bought their villa. Property here isn’t so much property investment as it is owning a family heirloom that can be passed on from one generation to the next. “Our first group of owners had big families and they wanted a place to call home in Khao Yai. In the last few years, we have seen more investors interested in Pirom at Vineyard. The younger generation is interested in the newest phase because they know the price of the property will increase tomorrow. But they also want an investment that inspires them.” The second phase of Pirom at Vineyard features 50 plots that are intertwined with the surrounding nature. The tree-lined walkways, green parks, and beautiful vistas can be found all around this phase.Villas here boast a charming, rustic luxury that feels like Khao Yai. Each home was designed with the idea less is more. This helps remove barriers between residents and nature. Whether you are enjoying a wonderful morning on your terrace enjoying the view or hosting guests in the courtyard space where a gentle breeze passes through, the inspiration here is always flowing.That’s true for the entire Pirom at Vineyard estate. The spacious development is spread out over 800 rai, half of which has been dedicated to common areas and gardens. The second phase is tucked away among the rolling hills of the estate, providing it with a different look and feel from the first phase.Despite being in its early launch stage, the second phase of Pirom at Vineyard has been in high demand. Of the 50 plots available, 24 have already been reserved.Khao Yai property market there are three factors currently driving the Khao Yai property market. The first is tourism. The region continues to grow as a tourist destination with it being the first choice for many Bangkokians wanting to escape city life. That being said, there is room for further growth when it comes to popularity among international visitors.Given its unique features that include a cooler than normal climate in the wintertime and a bustling wine scene, there is potential for Khao Yai tourism to increase in the future.Secondly, infrastructure in this region of Thailand is improving with several projects slated to come online in the near future. A new expressway that links Khao Yai to Bangkok will be completed this year. This will shave 30 minutes off the current commute from the Thai capital while hopefully alleviating some of the traffic issues facing the region as well.The under-construction, high-speed rail line that will connect Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima is going to have a station that serves the Khao Yai region as well. It is going to be possible to travel from Bangkok to Khao Yai in an hour by rail once the train begins operation in the coming years.The third factor driving the Khao Yai property market is land scarcity. With only a limited amount of land surrounding the national park, future development here will be limited. This alone means property prices at Pirom at Vineyard are set to increase in the years to come.And this is the most important thing to understand when it comes to property investment with passion. It’s still a smart, informed decision. But it should also be one that moves you.That’s what owning a residence at Pirom at Vineyard is about. You aren’t buying some walls and a roof. A home here is one that inspires, that fills you with pride and that will provide a healthy return on investment.

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