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Dear readers, welcome to Sellorate Spotlight April Edition

In this month’s roundup of news, we have seen some new announcements of a new rental housing scheme from The National Housing Authority (NHA), and the implementation of stronger cost-saving measures by housing developers.

In the economic view, demand for office space remained strong in the first quarter, while the government admits it will be difficult to reach its economic growth target set for this year.

Last but not least, some agent tips to strengthen your Real Estate business with automation and customer testimonials reuse.

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Diana Smirnova, Editor

Thailand Real Estate

The National Housing Authority (NHA) has been urged to speed up the development of a rental housing scheme for low-income earners. The plan is to develop 100,000 units over five years with an aim to provide 20,000 housing per year.

As the pandemic has unsettled the market, housing developers in greater Bangkok have implemented more stringent cost-saving measures while continuing plans for new project launches, according to the Real Estate Information Center (REIC).

Thailand Economy

Though the pandemic has affected many tenants, demand for office space in Bangkok in the first quarter remained strong, driven by the growth of e-commerce, tech and logistics businesses.

Deputy Prime Minister, Supattanapong Punmeechaow, said the fresh wave of infections has doomed the country’s recovery, making it highly unlikely the economy will grow by 4% this year as projected by the government.

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