Sellorate Spotlight – May 2021 Overview

Sellorate Spotlight

Dear readers, welcome to Sellorate Spotlight May Edition

In this month’s roundup of news, we have seen some new announcements from Altitude development to focus on low-rise housing, and agencies are seeking a hike in a foreign condo quota.
In the economic view, the financial situation of Thai households become more fragile, while the government unveiled an ambitious new program to spur consumer spending and nudge upwards economic indicators
Last but not least, some agent tips for beginners to become real estate brokers, 10 reasons why real estate agents fail, and how to avoid that.
Please let us know if you have any other topics you would like covered, and don’t forget to see our News Roundup and Article pages on the Sellorate website.

Diana Smirnova, Editor

Thailand Real Estate

Property developer Altitude Development Co is pressing ahead with low-rise housing projects, joint ventures, and turnkey projects as this strategy is less risky during a pandemic.

An increase in foreign ownership quotas for condominiums from 49% to 70-80% should be allowed in specific locations and capped at units priced higher than 5 million baht to reserve supply priced lower than five million baht for Thais.

Thailand Economy

The financial situation of Thai households has become more fragile as reflected in the elevated debt-to-income ratio which is higher compared to other countries.

The government unveiled an ambitious new program to spur consumer spending and nudge upwards economic indicators this year: “Ying Chai Ying Dai” (the more you spend, the more you get).

Agent Marketing

As a beginner real estate agent, it is easy to get intimidated even before starting your career. Here are tips that will help you succeed.

Tom Ferry has over 29 years of experience in the Real Estate industry. He is now helping real estate professionals to get better and sell more properties. Watch the video to find 10 reasons why agents fail and what you should do about it!

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