New Thailand rental regulation is tenant-friendly, but not for a property owner

On May 1st, 2018 Thailand announced the new regulation regarding rental issues, which is not favorable to landlords who own 5 properties or more (house, apartment or condominium). On the contrary, this is good news to tenants, with the most significant change being that landlords can now only request a maximum of 1 months rent in advance. Additionally, now the property owner does not have the right to...

Things to know before purchasing property in Thailand

Rights & Obligation          1. Condominium Foreigners can own the condominium according to Thai law, but not more than 49% of the project area in each project. So, each project will have an allocation for foreigners called “foreign quota”. There are 2 types of the condominium ownership which are 1.1 Freehold - The seller can transfer rights to the buyer allowing the...

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