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Editor: Cheyenne Hollis
Pages 34 – 37, Dot Property Magazine ISSUE 027 Q2 2019

Boat Pattana isn’t simply a developer building projects in Phuket. They live and breathe the area focusing on today, tomorrow, and the future. With ten years of experience and more than 20 completed developments, the company continues to bring one-of-a-kind projects to the market that both local and international buyers love. To fully understand the bondBoat Pattana has with Phuket, all you need to do is look at the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. From making donations to local schools and hospitals to supporting local SMEs, Boat Pattana aims to improve life for everyone on the island and beyond. “We think that CSR is important because we all want to live in a good society where everyone is healthy and happy. It is important to contribute positively towards making this a reality. Moreover, Boat Pattana is also concerned about the environment and energy conservation. We want to help create a sustainable environment.For example, using energy-saving designs is a key part of our philosophy,” Kuhn PanupongKritchanarat, CEO at Boat Pattana, details.These efforts are all part of the company’s business vision to be the leading tourism and leisure property developer in the AndamanProvinces of Thailand. BoatPattana believes it should deliver high value to all of its clients by offering creativity, mutual trust, and a strategic partnership. These three traits form the core of the firm’s company culture. “With our strong beliefs, vision, mission, and corporate culture, we think that we are unique and can create the most value for our customers while also helping improve Phuket,” Kuhn Panupongstates. Unparalleled design inspired by nature is the Boat Pattana philosophy and it is what drives the look and feel of the company’s projects.Additionally, the homebuilder looks to adapt its philosophy so every development suits both the location and the target client. This ensures unique projects that are unlikely anything else found in Phuket.A great example of the BoatPattana philosophy come to life is at its Deva Escape project. The luxury private pool villa development is situated close to Bypass Road, one of Phuket’smost popular locations for upscale residences. Knowing this, the company went above and beyond to build something not before seen in this area. “Deva Escape Villas are very rare and incredibly exclusive. We only built five units. All five of these unique villas feature a lot of high skilled craftsmanship from the trained workers who helped create them,” Kuhn Panupong explains. “Some Architecture elements are inspired by the 1000-year old stone castles found in Thailand. Our customers are very satisfied with the design and the uniqueness of their mini castles.”He continued, “Many other customers want us to build these types of residences. They are unique for ultra-high-end villas, but we can’t recreate what we did atDeva Escape. That is due to our commitment and promise to only create five units in the style of Devo Escape.” It is not just Deva Escape Villas that gets Boat Pattana’s signature treatment. Each of the developer’s projects has a unique style. Casa Riviera, Casa Signature, and Project F are all luxury developments, but each one has a different style and perspective that makes it unique. Shambhala Grand Villa: A uniqueinvestmentShambhala Grand Villa is one of the newest projects from BoatPattana. The exquisitely designed pool villa development caters to investors who want an aneye-catching property that will be popular among tourists visiting Phuket. To this end, ShambhalaGrand Villa is situated close to BoatAvenue and the Cherng Talay area.Additionally, Layan Beach, BangTao Beach, and the new Porto de Phuket by Central Group, some of the island’s most popular tourist destinations, are all nearby. And while the location is excellent, the Boat Pattana philosophy will ensure the project is truly unique. “Shambala Grand Villa has two and three-bedroom pool villas and each one comes with furniture, room amenities, and all basic electrical appliances. This means they are ready to be rented out upon completion,” Kuhn Panupongnotes. “The plot size starts at 360 square meters and goes up to600 square meters ensuring the spaces are large and offer plenty of privacy.” Kuhn Panupong confirms that construction on Shambala GrandVilla will begin in October 2019 and should be completed by the end of next year. This means that owners can begin renting out their villa during the high season of2020. And thanks to the unique design, these properties will be in high demand as soon as the project opens. “Our architect team utilizes Tibetan design elements mixed with modern Oriental style to make Shambala Grand Villatruly unique. You won’t see another development like it,” Kuhn Panupong says. “The key difference to these villas is the double master bedroom. We considered the occupancy of guests and came to understand one wants to choose between a bigger or smaller bedroom. Our design makes it so guests all get to sleep in the same size master bedroom.”Shambhala GrandVilla ownership and investment there are a few options available for investors interested in buying a residence at Shambala Grand Villa.Thai buyers are able to purchase a villa on a freehold basis.Meanwhile, international buyers are able to acquire a unit on a leasehold basis, which guarantees rights for up to 90 years.Investors can also take comfort in the fact that Boat Pattana’sstrategic partner will manage all villas and handle renting out the property throughout the year. Buyers can experience the property management first hand should they be in Phuket. The project’s free stay policy allows villa owners a set number of complimentary nights each year.The policy is as follows (terms and conditions apply):1st year: 14 days 2nd years: 7 days 3rd year: 7 days Shambala Grand Villa guarantees returns of six percent to buyers during the first three years of the project. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to the proven track record of BoatPattana along with the unique design of Shambhala Grand Villa and the project’s great location, it will prove to be an ideal investment.“We strongly believe that one Shambhala Grand Villa I completed, will be one of the best projects in terms of value for investment and location. It is one of the closest, if not the closest, residential projects to Boat Avenue and Porto de Phuket, an area where values are already increasing. Our clients will enjoy both capital gains and rental returns that they will be happy with,” Kuhn Panupongconcludes.

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