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为何要关注 Bangna 地区?

为何要关注  Bangna  地区?


随着公共交通系统向该地区的扩张,Bangna-Trad的潜力巨大。 目前,扩建到Bearing,并且在2年(2020年)Ladprao到Samrong的黄线正在建设。 此外,还有从Bangna到素万那普机场的绿线,预计将于2022年完工。



核心地区 Mega Bangna,旨在进一步发展为混合项目,其中包括“城市内城市”概念下的购物中心,住宅区,办公楼。



对于那些希望你的孩子在国际环境中接受教育的人,Bangna地区的学校不会让你失望。 学校提供了很多从英国,美国或国际文凭组织的课程。



这使Bangna成为下一个商业中心。 许多投资者预计在这一区域有增长的机会。 即将开展新项目,比如位于Bitec的Bhiraj Tower,预计于2016年完成; 和WHA Corporation PLC在Bangna KM8位置上开发的SJ Infinite 2。 The Mall Group还宣布了一个名为Bangkok Mall的大型项目,位于约100莱的地块上。 发展的项目包括商业,住宅空间,办公室,主题公园和水上公园。



作为人们走出城市的主要枢纽,这使得Bangna成为重要的战略地理区域之一。 该地区吸引了从事机场运营和物流业务的公司以及其工厂位于东部海岸的公司。


这个地区的公寓价格并不高。 当考虑到这个领域的未来增长时,为什么人们还没有兴趣投资这个领域?

查看我们在这个区域的2个项目:Ananda Ideo S115 和 Areeya A space mega.


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Why you should keep an eye on the area around Mega Bangna

Why you should keep an eye on the area around Mega Bangna
  1. The new mass transit system

This area has high potential because of the future expansion of the mass transit system.

Currently the only mass transit in the area is the Green BTS Sukhumvit line which is approximately 10 km away from Mega Bangna. This will all change in the next 2 years, with the introduction of the yellow line from Ladprao to Samrong. The real influencer is actually the extension of the Sukhumvit line which is expected to finish in 2022. Once these are completed, this area will have excellent mass transit links in all directions, which will no doubt be reflected in the property prices.


  1. Shopping central

A key player in this area, Mega Bangna, is aiming to develop further under the concept of “city within the city”. Their vision is to become a mix-used project which includes shopping malls, residential areas and office buildings.


  1. International schools

For those parents who wish to have their children educated in an international environment, the schools in this area will not disappoint. There are plenty of curriculums offered ranging from the British curriculums, America or International Baccalaureate.


  1. Office building

This area is already a hotspot for commercial businesses, and it looks like this sector is growing fast. Many investors are excited about the upcoming projects, in particular Bhiraj Tower at Bitec, which completed in 2016; SJ Infinite 2 on Bangna KM 8 and The Mall Group has also announced an enormous project called Bangkok Mall, situated on a plot of some 100 rai, located near to Udom Suk BTS. The development includes businesses, residential spaces, offices, theme park and water park (largest shopping center in asia).


  1. Gateway to the East

This key geographical area is marking itself as a major hub for people venturing in and out of the city. The area is obviously incredibly popular for companies with airport and logistics operations as it is very closely located to Thailand’s largest airport, Suvarnabhumi. The location also marks the beginning of the Eastern Seaboard and the Eastern Economic Corridor, huge growth areas for Thailand’s commercial markets.


All these factors make this area an excellent investment opportunity as current prices still reflect great value. Sellorate has two exciting projects in the area which are selling fast Ananda Ideo S115 and Areeya A space mega.



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  • Heidi Tsang

    September 10, 2018 at 11:16

    Where are the BTS and LRT stations?


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